The purpose of this tutorial is to get you past that GIANT obstacle in Dwarf Fortress, which is, getting into the game. To do that, I will assume you know nothing of Dwarf Fortress, including what Dwarf Fortress is (if you do know what Dwarf Fortress is and just want to get started, jump to the next section).

Dwarf Fortress is a game which gives you complete and detailed control over a dwarf civilization. You should know now, if you don’t already, it is a tile-based game originally using only ASCII (however we will be using a custom tileset to make things a little easier to get into). Now, why is this fun, I hear you asking. The level of detail in the Dwarf Fortress world ranges from accounted lives of every creature on your massive randomly-generated content, down to the mental thoughts of each dwarf and their physical condition of each and every limb. As amazing as it is, Dwarf Fortress has one of the steepest learning curves of any game out there, but once you get past that (which you will!), you truly won’t have the will nor the desire to stop. Now enough of me babbling; you came here to learn how to play Dwarf Fortress, and that’s what you’re going to do!

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