motivating line of the section: Use the Force, young Padawan.

One of the last things I can teach you is how to find metal, and what to do with it. We’re going to dig down deep and see what we can find.

13.1 – Digging Down

Dig up/down stairways under the ones in the rock digging floor. Dig down to level 112 where you’ll find copper nuggets!

Don’t dig down any farther by the way, or you’ll hit an underground cave, and you’re on your own when it comes to that.

Now that we see copper, let’s dig some more of it out like we did with our stone digging floor.

Copper is a great resource because we can make ourselves armor and weapons! The process to doing so, however, is quite extensive, so listen up.

13.2 –  Burning and Melting and Smelting

Creating items from a simple ore like copper (steel and adamantine are different, so consult the magma wiki for those) breaks down into three steps.

  1. Make some charcoal
  2. Melt the ore
  3. Craft the item

If you want to make items continuously, you’ll have to have a dwarf at each station, but right now, we’ll just worry about getting a product.

  1. Making charcoal – Build a wood furnace by pressing “b” for build, “e” for furnaces, and then selecting the wood furnace. Place it somewhere in the workshop hall. (this requires the architecture labor preference, under the “other jobs” category, to be built).
  2. Melting ore – Next, we need a smelter. If you aren’t already there, go to the furnaces screen and select the smelter, placing it where you like. (this requires the architecture labor preference, under the “other jobs” category, to be built)
  3. Crafting items – Finally, we need a metalsmith’s forge, which can be found by going to the workshops screen, and selecting it (“f”). This requires an anvil, and luckily we have one! (if you didn’t have one, you would have to buy one from a merchant). (this requires the metalsmithing labor preference to be built.

Now, when all the stations are built, add the task “make charcoal” a few times to the wood furnace. (this requires the wood-burning labor preference, under the “farming/related” category).

When you have some charcoal (and ONLY when you have some charcoal) add the task “smelt native copper ore” to the smelter. (this requires the furnace operating labor preference, under the metalsmithing category).

Now that we have some copper bars, let’s make something copper! How about a copper sword? The metalsmith’s forge is just like a carpenter’s or mason’s workshop, but it uses metal as a resource (and it can make some cooler items). From it, select weapons and ammunition à copper à forge copper short sword. If this isn’t working, make sure you have charcoal and copper bars (which were made in the previous steps).

Now you can use what you learned earlier to equip a soldier with this copper short sword, and start making more items like armor and weapons.

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