motivating line of the section: Obstacles only come into view when you take your mind off the goal!

Stockpiles are simply areas that are used to put items of a certain class. Right now, most everything we have is near the caravan (which is now removed), but when we create a stockpile for certain items, dwarfs will start bringing over items to that stockpile. As well as organizing and keeping everything in a certain place, stockpiles ease the burden on workshop dwarfs, as they will soon grow irritated if there are too many items in their workshop that haven’t been brought to a stockpile.

7.1 – Stockpile Room

We’re going to build a small stockpile room to hold some of our food, wood, and furniture. Dig out a room like so.

Once you have that, we’re going to place a food stockpile in this room. Press “p” for stockpile, then press “f” for food. You are then going to designate a rectangle by placing one corner and then placing the last corner. Make a food stockpile in the upper half of the room. Then make a wood stockpile in the bottom right or left corner, and a furniture stockpile in the last corner.

Instantly, your idle dwarfs will become active and start moving goods to their appropriate stockpiles. Moving goods is called hauling, and ALL dwarfs have the hauling labor preference active by default, so if there is something to be hauled, it will be done.

Now we have most everything we need inside, and the only dwarfs that should go outside are those chopping trees or gathering chopped wood.

7.2 – Refuse and Miasma

We have a place for our goods now, but there is one other stockpile that is vitally important to a fortress; a refuse pile. Refuse is basically another word for trash, and all trash will release a toxic vapor called “miasma”. Miasma makes dwarfs sick, unhappy and disgusted if they breathe it in. You can actually see miasma in the game, it will show up as purple on the screen. Refuse will release miasma no matter what, but we want to make sure that miasma goes outside where dwarfs won’t breathe it in.

Start by building a refuse room OUTSIDE, with the door leading OUTSIDE. Here is an example.

Now place the refuse stockpile (“r”) in the room. Now we’re safe from the dangers of miasma!

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